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Have a Marketing Expert in Your Corner


Your business is unlike any other. If you were to describe it, you would talk about its history and its future, your team and your customers, hard work and long hours.

Your iNFODATA strategic advisor gets to know your business like the back of their hand. They help you build an email and social media marketing strategy that makes sense for your unique business, and it isn't long before you start to think of them as just another member of your team.


Your Success Is (on) Our Agenda



Your strategic advisor comes prepared. They extensively research your company, competitors, and industry. They evaluate your social media activity, gauge how easy it is to sign up for your emails, and keep a close eye on your competitors' marketing messages.



Your first call with your strategic advisor sets the foundation for your relationship. Your advisor gets to know you and your marketing goals, and you leave the call with a three-month marketing plan in hand as well as great educational resources. But there's more; your advisor continually works with you to refine your marketing plans and to boost your return on investment.


Inbox Delivery

Your strategic advisor is an expert in campaign management and offers a wide variety of consulting services, including making sure your messages consistently reach your subscribers' inboxes. Your advisor analyzes your delivery data using advanced reporting tools only available to Premier Accounts, and helps you troubleshoot any issues. You can rest easy knowing that your advisor is always working to maximize your delivery rates.



After you send an email or post a message to social media, your strategic advisor analyzes your message's performance. They dig deep into the data and report back to you on your success. Together, you review your results and strategize about ways to create even stronger messages next time.



When you sign up for a Premier Account, you don't just benefit from the expertise of your dedicated strategic advisor; you get the support of the entire Advisory Services Team. Our advisors meet daily to discuss their clients, share best practices, and brainstorm ways to boost clients' results.