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EXPORT Services with proven results!

25 years in the export marketing business, sourcing the right products and export markets for our customers with results.
We prepare export documents i.e., FDA registration and certification in 2 working days, FDA food and cosmetics labelling,
Nutrition facts and trademark registration:

                                                            If you need to appoint agents, wholesalers and distributors we offer extensive experience by:

  • Assisting companies enter new markets to source business partners
  • Addressing market strategies and opportunities
  • Defining the ideal countries ( derived from demand search querries)
  • Identifying quality B2B leads
  • Promoting and supporting companies enter new export markets
  • Product sourcing
  • Supplier sourcing

           New service ** Product and/or supplier sourcing for your business




Need to find suppliers so you know whom you're dealing with. We help you secure the ideal business partner, with absolute customer satisfaction.

We prepare export documents  i.e., FDA registration & certification issuance in 2 working days, Food & Cosmetic labeling according to EU _ FDA,  Nutrition facts Tables, Trademark Registration

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