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Export Marketing services with success
What we do best… and how we find youR COMPANY customers!
With over 25 years in the export marketing, one thing I can say for sure

If you want to sell your product worldwide 
you have to understand that people like to buy from companies they know and they can trust, and when selling into markets overseas, it really is no secret that, that you need to start acquiring quality leads. Because ………

And since great products don’t just sell themselves, and if you do believe they do, then its obvious you don’t have “a marketing strategy” and your product will not succeed because no matter how good your product is, technically, fulfilling needs or addressing a problem, it JUST doesn’t sell itself.
So, if you want customers to find out about your great product ( they must be able to find you easily and at their convenience online or offline ) So begin my making it easy for customer to find you.

  1.  Get them to find your product
  2.  Get them to know you
  3.  Get them to trust you
  4.  Get them to want your product
  5.  Get them to be part of your team
  6.  Get them to convince the one who takes decisions
  7. Get them to take action and buy with CTR’s

Export marketing translate to the need, the people, the experience, the confidence, the customer service, the reputation, the sales support etc., and in today’s competitive market every business owner who want consistency and export growth of export needs to follow a marketing plan, to boost competitiveness and profits in the right foreign markets : It’s a simple as that!

Advice to beginners.:
Export marketing is not the process of sourcing buyers and approaching them with the expectation of export orders, its about conducting step by step procedures with a well-planned export marketing plan to acquire success and profitable export sales growth.

We @ iNFODATA, can spot the ideal markets for your product or service, because identifying the right market, will give your company a head-start to export orders and will provide your company a continuous flow of quality leads, at a minimal cost by targeting a vast market of B2B buyers worldwide.

WORK with us, AND LET Buyers find your company at their convenience because it’s Better to be found online ..
rather than knocking on Buyers doors!

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