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Exporting Greek food to the USA with results
Successfully prepared 197 products from 16 Greek exporting companies to Miami USA 24/03/2018
Promoting Greek culinary traditions and practices, with an abundance wealth of healthy food choices
3 consecutive weeks in-store promotions at leader NY Super Market for 20 Greek and 5 Cypriot, in coop with Cypriot based Company 27/09/2019

Export services for the USA  | Export Guidance Documents
– Labeling and packaging specialists for Food and Cosmetics products
– Nutrition Facts tables – FDA
– FDA Registration ( within 2 working days)
– FCE/SID filing
– FDA Label compliance with
Health claims, Nutrient claims and Structure/Function Claims
Trademark registration

Exports with iNFODATA is an ongoing promise!!
-Addressing market strategies and opportunities
-Assisting companies enter new export markets
-Defining ideal countries ( derived from demand search queries)
-Identifying quality B2B leads
-Promoting and supporting companies in new export markets
-Product sourcing
-Supplier sourcing
** Product and/or supplier sourcing for your business.
Need to find new partners for your products.
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