Export Services

Exports begins by identifying quality leads
Success begins with iNFODATA _ 25 yrs in the Export marketing business and still going strong !

Export services for the USA & Canada  | Export Guidance Documents
FDA Facility Registration ( within 2 working days)** Place your order for FDA services
– FDA Label compliance review with
Health claims, Nutrient claims and Structure/Function Claims
– Labeling and packaging specialists for Food and Cosmetics products
– Nutrition Facts tables – FDA
– FCE/SID filing
FDA Facility registration

How to enter new export markets?

– Food tasting events
-In-store promos
– Lead generation campaigns
-Identifying quality B2B leads
-Product sourcing and Supplier sourcing

In-store promos in supermarkets for consumer engagement
In-store promos in supermarkets with consumer engagement

 Food tasting in-store promos in Montreal, Toronto, Miami and New York  Promoting Greek culinary traditions and practices, with an abundance wealth of healthy food choices   In-store promos offer on the spot customer engagement for increased sales.

Let your company stand out from the competition and
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